Admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is always a stressful event for the patient and family.

This section explains the usual admission process and answers frequently asked questions regarding patient outcomes.

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During the Stay

Resources to help yourself or your loved one during ICU Stay

For critically ill patients, the course of ICU stay is often turbulent. Invasive procedures are often needed and a multitude of complications may occur despite best efforts. This section describes common ICU routines, complications and options if things don’t go right.

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ICU Procedures

Understanding critical illness and related ICU procedures

Invasive procedures are often needed in the course of ICU treatment. This section explains these procedures and their risks in simple terms.

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Discharge from ICU

Resources to help yourself or your loved ones after ICU discharge

Rate of survival from different types of critical illness has been improving over the past decades. This section explains what to expect following discharge from the ICU.

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