Health Care Workers

Primary Team

The patient is admitted under a discipline or service (such as cardiology, gastroenterology, general surgery, cardiac surgery, etc) and the team of doctors from that service form the Primary Team. It usually comprises a Consultant (senior), a Registrar or Senior Resident (mid-level), one or more Residents or House Officers (junior).

ICU Team

The ICU Team comprises doctors (usually a Consultant, a Registrar or Senior Resident and Residents), ICU nurses, as well as paramedical personnel such as ICU Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, Physiotherapists, Dietician and Speech Therapists. The Team is responsible for the immediate and acute care of the patient.


A member of the ICU Team who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense drugs. He/She helps to ensure that correct medications and doses are prescribed. ฀

Staff Nurses, SN

Nurses undergo additional ICU competence training prior to working in the ICU. They are authorised to administer medications to patients and perform some specific tasks.

Health Care Associates, HCA

These nurses assist the Staff Nurses with the general physical care of the patient, such turning and cleaning. They also assist the Doctors in certain procedures.

Advance Nurse Practitioner, APN

Selected nurses who undergo additional specialty training (such as ICU, wound care, surgical care or diabetic care, etc) and are able to provide most medical care equivalent to a physician in the Team.

Medical Social Worker

As an integral member of the critical care multi-disciplinary team, the Medical Social Worker (MSW) acts as an intermediary between the patient, family and the medical team. The MSW provides psychosocial support to patient and family as they navigate the Intensive Care Unit and the health care system.

MSW provides psychosocial needs assessment, grief and bereavement counseling, practical assistance, facilitates end of life care discussion, helps to advocate for the wishes of patient and family, and assist with patient’s discharge planning and post discharge care coordination.

Nurse Manager, Sister

Senior nurse who is in charge of the ward nursing team. They are very experienced and help coordinate care, administer policies and troubleshoot problems.


Hospital staff who helps transport patients for investigations or procedures.


Trained personnel who helps patients regain muscular strength, balance and joint range of motion. Particularly important member in the ICU Team in helping the patient maintain as much activity and muscle mass as possible.

Occupational Therapist

Trained personnel who helps patients regain function with or without the use of special appliances and equipment.

Speech Therapist

Trained personnel who assesses patients’ ability to speak and swallow. Also able to provide exercises and tips on how to regain lost speech or swallowing function following critical illness.

Echo Technician

Trained personnel who uses the ultrasound machine to capture images of the heart.

Respiratory Therapist

Trained personnel who assists the doctors with the various types breathing machines (ventilators) and special airway equipment. They also help provide chest physiotherapy and remove or suction excessive secretions or phlegm from patients.



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